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Customized Engineering Solutions

In our technical department, we've structured a research and development area where engineers and technicians focus on designing customized engineering solutions for the most challenging residential and public construction projects.

The most complex infrastructure needs simple answers, and customized design always leads to a solution. The dedicated team designs the most suitable product and identifies the appropriate materials for its construction. This is followed by a phase of optimization and production.

In our branches, we have specialized technicians and workers who study, develop, and test the product.

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When to Consider a Special Formwork?

The production of special formwork is necessary when we encounter non-standard usage and the creation of unique geometric shapes.

Indeed, there are occasions when public and residential construction projects demand technical performance and capacity beyond what standard formwork or catalogue systems can provide. Our team of engineers transforms this requirement into the perfect form to realize the project. Special solutions meet the high quality and safety standards of Faresin Formwork and undergo testing and quality control before being delivered to the construction site. All our special formworks are compatible with the entire range of catalogue products and accessories.

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