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Training for Customers and Dealers

Faresin Formwork technicians provide training to distributors and customers on the correct, effective, and safe use of formwork, scaffolding, and accessories. Training takes place directly on construction sites or during dedicated sessions focused on specific aspects and product assembly at our global locations. We make the experience and know-how of our technicians, who have been studying and developing solutions for residential and public construction projects for years, available to our distribution network and directly partnered customers. The primary goal of training is to ensure the optimal performance of our systems and provide guidance on their proper maintenance over time.

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On-Site: Theoretical or Practical Training?

Our training programs encompass both theoretical and practical components. On construction sites, we provide hands-on training in product usage, assembly, and the selection of solutions that align with the project's construction needs. After practical training, site technicians will be able to use formwork, scaffolding, and accessories in a functional, effective, and, most importantly, safe manner. The theoretical training primarily focuses on assembly techniques and easy disassembly, a practical solution for optimizing efficiency at various work stages.

On-Site Assistance
Faresin Formwork specialists support construction company technicians during assembly, pouring, and disassembly phases, allowing them to promptly address any issues that may arise and ensure good product performance.

What Does Dealer Training Entail?

We believe that Dealers are first and foremost Partners. Thanks to our distribution network, which spans Italy and the world, Faresin Formwork systems are accessible everywhere. Dealers choose to equip their rental fleet with our products to execute residential and public construction projects. In return, we provide them with all the necessary training and assistance to understand when and how to use our systems and adapt them to project requirements. The training sessions we organize at our locations aim to transfer knowledge, share experiences, and address all technical questions related to the use of formwork, scaffolding, and accessories.

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