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Rental of Products in Italy and Worldwide

Renting formwork products for construction projects is an alternative service to purchasing Faresin Formwork products.

From our headquarters in Breganze (Vicenza - Italy), we manage orders for Italy daily. Our branches in Romania, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Nigeria have extensive rental fleets capable of meeting the demands of three continents.

Our warehouses are well-stocked, and our production capacity ensures prompt order processing.

We offer a flexible and timely service designed to meet the needs of customers and dealers, for whom we can provide a specialized technician for assembly assistance.

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How Does the Rental Service Work?

Rental requests are internally managed by a team of technicians and sales professionals who handle all inquiries, from the simplest to the most complex.

Service Conditions
We work together with the customer to determine the rental service conditions, including the duration, which varies based on the construction site's requirements. Once the order is placed, we either deliver the goods directly to the construction site or arrange for pickup.

Order Integration
If additional materials are needed during the project beyond what was initially ordered, we integrate the existing order to ensure a seamless workflow.

In our branches, we manage medium and large-scale rental orders for dealers and direct customers, always ensuring Faresin Formwork quality.

How Are Formwork and Accessories for Rental Treated?

At the end of each rental period, formwork, scaffolding, and accessories are returned to our warehouse, where our material inspection and regeneration procedures begin. This is one of the aspects we prioritize at Faresin Formwork.

Each piece of equipment undergoes a thorough inspection before being made available for another rental. The process includes extensive cleaning to remove all concrete residues and dust, as well as the replacement of damaged parts.

Not Just Rental, but Maintenance and Buyback Too

Maintenance and Replacement
Customers and dealers with Faresin Formwork products can request both regular and extraordinary maintenance for their equipment directly from us. We also offer the possibility of plywood replacement and frame part welding.

Used Equipment Pickup
Sustainability is a core part of our corporate strategy. As a result, when customers purchase new formwork products, they have the option to have their used formwork, which is no longer needed or usable, picked up for regeneration. This service benefits our customers and demonstrates our commitment to the environment.

Product Buyback
Customers and dealers have the option to buy back the products they have on rental. The buyback terms and conditions, which offer significant economic advantages, are negotiated directly with our sales office.

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