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Project Engineering & Management

At Faresin Formwork, we are partners with our clients worldwide in both public and residential construction projects. The engineering project and the management of the entire work plan are entrusted to highly experienced individuals with a broad skill set. Our team of specialized technicians supports the client from the planning phase, helping select the best solutions, and then developing a work plan with a clear timeline for implementation. This plan aligns with the construction site's needs, including material supply, and includes the presence of a specialized Faresin Formwork technician to ensure the quality of our products. Our designers choose only systems and solutions that align with the construction site's requirements. The work plan we share is precise and flexible. We manage unexpected challenges and adapt quickly to the work habits in different countries.

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A Solution for Every Need: Residential or Infrastructure Construction?

This is the first question our Technical Office addresses during the analysis of a request. The initial conversation or meeting with the client is valuable for delving into and discussing the best products we can provide. Our designers share the drawings and all the necessary specifications to execute the entire project. Experience helps us understand, before anyone else, what the best design solution to propose is.

Supply, Sale, and Rental Selection
Project vision, technical product expertise, and production capacity make a difference. The second question our Technical Office answers is which products are needed and how much supply must be planned. During this phase, contact with the site manager is crucial to anticipate the right timing between supply preparation, production, shipping, and on-site assembly. Beyond product purchases, we offer advantageous solutions for customers and dealers and have a substantial rental fleet, both in Italy and in Faresin Formwork's international branches. Our service is flexible and can include a potential product buyback.

On-Site Support
Upon request, throughout the project duration, the project's technical manager is present on the construction site, from formwork assembly to dismantling, or even up to the first concrete pour. On-site support means ensuring the quality of supplies and Faresin Formwork technological solutions while assisting construction workers and technicians during the assembly, pouring, and dismantling phases. On-site, we train workers and technicians on using our systems and correctly interpreting user manuals. If necessary, we integrate additional supplies of formwork, scaffolding, accessories, and other components for ongoing construction systems.

One Team, One Goal

For over 30 years, we have dealt with a wide range of projects, varying in size and scope. We understand that the right solution for a European construction site may not be suitable for one in Africa. That's why we aim to be a partner for our clients. We invest in the training of technicians and designers and optimize the solutions we provide. We engage with engineers and site managers and have specialized technicians present on-site to ensure success in every project.

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