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Our first Sustainability Report 2021

Our first Sustainability Report 2021

A commitment to the present and future

"Sustainability is one of the pillars on which our current business strategy rests and guides our future investment plan."

With these words Guido Faresin, President of Faresin Formwork Spa, introduces the Sustainability Report 2021. A statement that summarizes the commitment we have been devoting to Corporate Social Responsibility issues for several years.

The strategic thinking that guides our sustainable choices rests on four main themes:

  • Sustainability and Environment, building for the future
  • Sustainability and Product, building innovatively
  • Sustainability and People, building together
  • Sustainability and Territory, safeguarding culture and tradition

Sustainability and Environment

Caring for and protecting our planet for future generations guides our choices at all levels. Here are some of the most significant steps in our environmental approach:

“The Formwork Green Factory”

Our main office in Breganze has achieved Breeam in Use certification, which rewards environmental and integrated building sustainability with significant attention to social issues as well.

Selection of raw material

When researching the raw materials to be used, we choose sustainable materials: 60% hold environmental certifications such as C2C for aluminum, EPD for steel, and FSC and E1 for plywood. In addition, 26% of materials come from recycling.

Our first Sustainability Report 2021

Supply chain control

Our suppliers are strategic partners with a key role in the value chain. Seventy percent of them hold quality certifications, 53 percent environmental and 30 percent occupational health and safety

Sustainability and Product

"We are constantly working to ensure innovative products with ever higher safety performance and all-Italian quality."

Guido Faresin, President of Faresin Formwork

At Faresin Formwork, product innovation is a concrete commitment to ensure that our stakeholders are provided with tailor-made, high-performance products.

Our first Sustainability Report 2021

Here are the results:

  • filed 89 product patents to date, with the trend continuing to increase
  • 10% of revenue invested each year in innovation to ensure that our customers have increasingly high-performance systems and solutions suited to the needs of construction sites around the world
  • in 2022, we obtained the important title of Innovative SME, registered in the special section of innovative enterprises and startups of the Chamber of Commerce, recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian government, for the percentage of investment dedicated each year to Research and Development.

Sustainability and People

"The development and dissemination of a strong culture of health and safety in the workplace is a priority issue for Faresin, aimed at protecting the integrity of all people who come into its influence."

Guido Faresin, president of Faresin Formwork Spa

Our company has family roots, and this has made us especially sensitive and caring toward the people who work with us, valuing their skills, offering them and their families support and assistance, creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment, and paying special attention to safety.

Here's what we did specifically.

  • In 2018, we created our first welfare plan to support our employees and their families
  • in 2021 we won the "Women Value Company" award - from Intesa San Paolo and the Bellisario Foundation - as the first company in the province of Vicenza to implement gender equality policies
Our first Sustainability Report 2021
  • From 2021, 90% of the machinery used in factories will have requirements that increase worker safety

Sustainability and Territory

We were born in Breganze, a small town 90 km away from Venice, the land, hub and excellence of Italian engineering. Today we export our products and engineering solutions to more than 86 countries while keeping our roots strong and constantly investing in our territory. We collaborate with Fondazione Mons. Camillo Faresin Onlus and other local associations because culture and social responsibility are part of our founding values.

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