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From 3000x100x100 to 1350x100x120 (From 9’ 10x 3” x 3” to 4’ 5” x3” x 3” )

New Features

Presence of a patented self-sealing spacer that makes it possible to eliminate any access and infiltration path that may seriously compromise the hermetic seal of the product.

New accessories

  • Self-sealing spacer
  • Hinge striker

Circular Tanks System

By means of junction accessories such as aligner clamp or pin and wedge, the green steel hinge, connected to the formworks already supplied, enables users to create tanks, silos, ramps and anything else required to circulate.

The use of through bars often incurs in the problem of infiltration due to the capillary effect. To solve this problem and thus ensure perfect water-tightness of the tanks made with its own ad hoc system.

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