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Fields of application

Construction of walls, pillars, foundations and single-sided wall system castings.


Veloce module panel heights:

H 3000 mm – H 2700 mm – H 1500 mm
H 9’ (2743,2mm) – H 8’ (2438,4 mm) – H 6’ (1828,8mm) – H 4’ (1219,2mm)

For all heights available wide panels:

900 mm – 750 mm – 600 mm – 450 mm – 300 mm
36’’(914,4mm) – 30’’(914,4mm) – 24’’(914,4mm) – 18’’(914,4mm) – 12’’(914,4mm)

The Veloce range also includes large panels:

2400 mm x 2700 mm
8’x8’ (2438,4 mm x2438,4 mm) e 9’x8’ (2743,2 mm x2438,4 mm)

New Features

The shape of the profile features a recess that enables positioning the connection clamp between two panels in several points, in order to align the panels with each other during assembly. The Veloce system is complete with accessories, internal and external fixed blocks, disassembly blocks and extended jolly panel to create blocks other than 90°.

Veloce features thread bar holes on the multi-layer protected with bushings, which increases its durability and facilitates its maintenance.


The Veloce system is designed to withstand Hydrostatic pressure for all standard panel heights available in the series and is able to guarantee castings with constant pressure up to 48 kN/m2 for when 2 or more panel levels are mounted vertically.

Other products


The Veloce wall system consists of easy-to-assemble accessories that enable safe operation thanks to the lightness and ergonomics of its components.

Thanks to the lightweight panels that make up the system (approximately 31.5 kg/m2), Veloce can also be mounted on construction sites without the use of cranes for handling.

The multi-perforated panels of the Veloce metric system can be used to create pressurised pillars up to 80 kN/m2, furthermore these multi-perforated panels create columns with even and odd dimensions up to a maximum of 700x700 mm.

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