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Double Cone Block
From 4500X250X250 to 2700x250x250 (From 14’ 9” x9” x9” to 8’ 10” x9” x9”)

Bi-tapered block applied to the traditional wooden system
From 1500 to 4500 (From 4’ 11” to 14’ 9”)

Sheet shim
From 1500X150 to 1350X300 (From 4’ 11” x5” to 4’ 5” x11”)

Fixed conical internal angle
From 1500x250x250 to 1350x250x250 (From 4’ 11” x 9” x9” to 4’ 5” x9” x9”

New Features

  • Compatible with our formworks S100/Robusto/light formworks
  • Made with the use of bi-tapered blocks on the inner form and standard formworks that allow the sliding out of the whole formwork form, which
  • Is also suitable to make underground vanes of any kind.

Lift shaft

The lift shaft is made up of the modulo formwork of both sections and of four bi-tapered blocks, located in the inner corners.

In the external part, formwork joined in the traditional way are used: clamps or pin and wedge, while the standard vice is used for the corner.

For the following casting, it will only be necessary to reciprocally slide the bi-tapered blocks, placed in the corners, to aid the dismantling and their further reuse. The upper casting will be made using the mould supporting stirrups positioned on the previously obtained bar passage hole.

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