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The new system is more suitable for construction sites where lifting the formwork in various casting sections is required, for example Civil and industrial constructions, Posts, Silos, etc.

New Features

  • Option of creating formwork heights up to 6.0 m;
  • Retractable formwork up to 75 cm thanks to the trolley system installed in the bracket;
  • Complete safety in all work stages thanks to the railing and finishing platform installed;
  • Wide working platform of 2.40 m.


High load capacity (50kN per bracket)

New FCB Frame Climbing Bracket

The FCB bracket system makes it possible to perform regular work cycles on tall buildings. The system, extremely easy to assemble, can be adapted to various types of needs.

One of the key features of the system is that, being composed of a fixed frame that does not require assembly, the FCB bracket system enables quick assembly and disassembly thanks to the limited amount of components to be assembled. Furthermore, it significantly reduces crane operating times thanks to the rapid movement of the entire block.

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