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The adjustable climbing frames enable users to create brackets up to 6 metres (19’ 8”) in length.

New Features

  • Depending on the case, it is supplied with anchoring devices of two different sizes Ø15 and Ø20.
  • They can be of the fixed type or with translating carriage, inclined for sideboards.
  • Unlike climbing brackets, the sideboards are also suitable for single-sided castings; therefore designed to withstand the
    horizontal thrust of the concrete.
  • The sideboard bracket can be used to form sloping casting stages (interior and exterior) up to 30°.
  • Service accessories such as ladders and hatches can be added to complete the supplies and allow all casting stages to be
    carried out in absolute safety for the workers.

UCB - Universal climbing brackets

Support for the formwork FARESIN formwork when climbing procedure for vertical walls. These brackets are fixed to the previous casting step, in which a special plate is previously “drowned”.

Once the casting step is completed, the climbing bracket is harnessed with a suitable lifting device and raised until it reaches the position for the next step. The bracket and formworks can be lifted at the same time as, by means of the translation trolley, the panels are integrally connected to the bracket.

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