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  • Aluminium scaffolding
  • Narrow scaffolding; width 76 cm. (2’ 5” 59/64), which makes it ideal because of the smaller footprint on the ground.
  • Light scaffolding; compared with traditional metal scaffolding, the weight is about 1/3 and this makes it indispensable when we need a reduced load in the support area, and it is a considerable advantage when the site is located in areas that are difficult to reach such as old city centres.
  • Rapid turnarounds; fast equipment like ours is essential for considerably reducing operating costs during building maintenance work when the intervention times are limited.

Other products

Modul Flex

Faresin Formwork is engaged in the production, sale and rental of metal scaffolding in aluminium which are ideal for building maintenance work. The low weight of the equipment combined with its extreme versatility provide considerable advantages - The inclusion of various galvanised steel elements renders the system extremely stable and safe.

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