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  • In addition to being used as a multi-storey scaffolding, the MODUL system is used as a facade scaffolding, holding tower, scaffold, podium and platform.
  • Thanks to its great versatility of use, the MODUL system can be used as facade scaffolding by mounting the deck every 0.5 m (1’ 7”). The work area is made up of vertical uprights, stringers of variable width from 0.73 m. (2’ 4’’) to 1.09 m. (3’ 6” ), walkable platforms in wood or drilled steel in galvanised plate, railings and footboards.
  • Ideal for the restoration of monumental buildings and historic centres due to its ability to cover the most irregular and complex structures, it is also widely used in the renovation of industrial warehouses, multifunctional centres and naval carpentry

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Faresin Formwork has been operating for more than thirty years in the construction of formwork. MODUL is the multidirectional scaffolding system to cover the most complicated and irregular geometry, enabling fast assembly, disassembly with the utmost safety. The various work levels are connected to each other by means of the top with trap door and ladder that allows rapid movement and maximum safety inside the scaffolding.

The quick coupling devices such as façade stringers and diagonals are connected to the upright through the washer consisting of 8 junction holes, which therefore enables the multidirectionality of the structure to be built.

The washers are welded to the upright at intervals of 0.50 m (1’ 7”)., With service ranges up to 4 m (13’ 1”).

The narrow start is one of the several modular solutions of the multidirectional scaffolding, which reduces the overall dimensions on the ground, safeguarding spaces.

Subsequently, the system can widen in height to allow the passage and operations of the personnel working on the scaffolding.

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