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Series 2000
Da 2000x1000 a 1000x750 (From 6’ 6’’ 47/64 x3’ 3’’ 3/8 to 2’ 5’’ 3/8x2’ 5’’ 17/32)

Series 1500
DA 1500x1125 a 1500x1500 (From 4’ 11’’ 1/16 x3’ 8’’ 19/64 to 4’ 11’’ 1/16 x4’ 11’’ 1/16)

Shim panel
Da 500x1125 a 1500x500 (From 4’ 11’’ 1/16 x3’ 8’’ 19/64 to 4’ 11’’ 1/16 x1’ 7’’ 11/16)"

New Features

  • Total safety during assembly, and disassembly: the assembly of the frames is done from the bottom with no risk of falling from a height;
  • The elongated shape and the reduced encumbrance of the spars of the frames allow laying the clay slabs or the plywood for monolithic slabs in complete safety.
  • The handling and the low weight of the individual elements reduce assembly and disassembly times.
  • Easy to assemble modular system, that allows high productivity.
  • Complete compatibility with the ALUFORT system.
  • Thanks to the (patented) fixing system, the heads can be used with any type of strut available on site.
  • The shimming frames allow reaching any dimension.


The AluFLEX system is the perfect solution for building lightened slab floors, designed to increase safety in the site, improve productivity and reduce the time of realisation of the slab floors.

AluFLEX is a versatile system that can be used either with traditional toothed section beams or directly on the props through the patented heads. The system provides complete assembly from below, thus minimising the risk of falling. The AluFLEX panels are made of aluminium and are available in different sizes.

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