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The SkyRobusto system creates tables of the following dimensions:

Metric unit:
6.60x2.40 (15.84 m²) – 6.60x1.80 (11.88 m²) – 5.40x2.40 (12.96 m²) – 5.40x1.80 (9.72 m²)

Imperial unit:
21’8’’x7’10’’ (170.50 ft²) - 21’8’’x5’10’’ (127.87 ft²) – 17’8’’x7’10’’ (139.50 ft²) - 17’8’’x5’10’’ (104.62 ft²)

New accessories

The accessories of the SkyRobusto system include the new disassembly and self-resetting unit (“Scatto”), which speeds up the stages between castings, ensuring ergonomics and worker safety.


The new SkyRobusto system was designed to allow the use of Robusto wall panels in the construction of slab floors in addition to standard wall use. The SkyRobusto system is extremely convenient especially for large surfaces as it is composed of large panels that enable the creation of long table modules up to 6.60m - 21’8’’ with thicknesses only up to 50 cm – 19’’.

This way, the new system is highly versatile and enables speeding up the construction steps thanks to the SkyRobusto tables which, once joined and assembled together, can be easily and quickly moved between floors, reducing disassembly and resetting times.

The SkyRobusto System shores are connected to the panels by heads with a locking wedge. The support heads also provide the option to fold the shore at the head level in order to facilitate extraction of the tables from the newly cast surface, overcoming the obstacle of the railing if required.


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