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Aluminium panel
From 1500x1125 to 1125x375 (From 4’ 11’’ 1/16 x 3’ 8’’ 19/64  to 3’ 8” 19/64)

New Features

  • Greater safety on site,
  • increased productivity
  • reduces the slab creation times,
  • ideal for the construction of buildings for civil and residential use.
  • great quality/price ratio
  • great ease of use


The AluTeck system is the ideal solution for creating both lightened and traditional slabs.

It is very practical to use: the cement is already cured just a few days after pouring; in fact, it is possible to recover the panels early on and just leave the supporting props for the regulatory 28 days. The system provides complete assembly from below, thus minimising the risk of falling. Aluteck panels, made of aluminium and available in various formats (the largest measuring 1500x1125 mm) (4’ 11x3’ 8”), are perfectly combinable with those of the Alufort system.

The associated accessories also make it possible to make structures with lowered beams.

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